Daily Affirmation – Day 9 – Law of Attraction Affirmation.

Daily Affirmation. 

“Today I attract a Deeper Love and Appreciation for Myself. 


This is a very important Affirmation because growing up when you go to school you are taught many subjects, English, Maths, Science etc but the one thing you are not taught is how to love and appreciate yourself.

To some degree you are taught how to love and appreciate others but never yourself. Even at home this is very rarely taught and that is because you parents were never taught to Love and Appreciate themselves so how would they possibly know how to teach you. Unfortunately this can be a vicious cycle but it is one that can be broken.

The affirmations that most people seem to struggle with are the ones that involve loving themselves. They have never said those words out loud before “I love myself” and for many people they feel this is selfish and over indulgent because that is what they were taught growing up, this may have been directly or indirectly and learned from behavioural patterns which is why I feel this is a very important affirmation because it can change the way you relate to yourself.

If you have a hard time expressing Love and Appreciation for yourself then now is the time to start and even if you do, you can always Love and Appreciate yourself a little more. Its not selfish in fact its smart because this is how we develop self-esteem and confidence. This is the back bone, the foundation to living a fulfilled life.

So today I want you to really work hard on this affirmation. Let go of all negativity and self criticism. Forget all the insults and put downs that anyone has ever said to you and know that they only said those things because they were unhappy with who they were, it was never really about you it was always about them. So let all of that go and imagine yourself to be a blank canvass, the slate has been wiped clean and now you can start to paint a picture of self worth, of love, of happiness of appreciation without negativity and doubt getting in the way.

Although there is a different daily Affirmation this would certainly be one that I would recommend that you practice everyday in conjunction with the others. Now, even if it is hard to say and at first you dont really believe what you are saying that’s ok because that is the point of using affirmations to try and change the internal programming, to reprogram unhelpful ways of thinking and to replace them with more beneficial ones. So start by repeating the affirmation and if you don’t believe in it at first that’s fine as long as you don’t include any negative language, there can be no “Yeah butts” or “but im rubbish” and “I did this or did that” all of that must be left behind. Imagine painting the words “Today I attract a deeper Love and Appreciation for myself” onto the canvass and nothing else, they are the only words you repeat and with enough practice not only will you change you’re thinking but you will be attracting love and appreciation into your life and step by step day by day you will feel better about yourself. You will start to love and appreciate yourself more and when this happens you will truly be changing your place in the world and how you relate to yourself and when that happens it will also change how other people relate to you.

So no matter how uncomfortable or foreign this feels to you at first please persevere and keep practising it because it will get easier and then you will start to enjoy it because you will feel good about yourself.

I hope you have a wonderful day full of love and appreciations. You can also watch the full video below for an extra boost and please subscribe to the youtube channel. Much love Tony T. ❤

6 thoughts

  1. 46 years ago today, 11/15/68, I tried to commit suicide. It was not ment as a cry for help, it was a hard seated wish for death. I was 26 years old. I am still at 72 (& a lot of life inbetween) trying to be present in my life; trying to find a reason for it; & trying to LOVE myself mistakes & all! You have helped more than shock treatments, therapy, and meds. Thank you. My time is shortening & I’m afraid I’ll never find the peace that must come from being whole! I still think of suicide but I really pray I will never go there….I have a beautiful daughter who would never forgive me. Can you HELP? (more? ) Thank you for your time!

    1. HI Karen.. Thank you for sharing your story with me and I am sorry that you feel that way. When I was a teenager suicide was often something I thought about but it was partly because I didnt want to feel the way I was feeling but also out of spite, I wanted to hurt those who hurt me however I havent felt like that for over 20 years. I think if these are thoughts that you still have then perhaps there is something from your past that still needs to be addressed and dealt with and that perhaps is your starting place. Its not to pointlessly dig up old wounds for the sake of it but to rid yourself of the demons that still haunt you. but perhpas on a practical level and something that you can start now and that is a gratitude journal. It may sound cheesy but when you can sit down for ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes at night and think and write about everything that you are grateful for it can really change your perspective and outlook on life and when you sit and truly feel grateful for so much perhaps the thoughts of suicide will subside. Also the more you do it the more you find to be grateful for… Personally I find its the small things that are easily missed for example.. a cool breeze on a hot day.. a beautiful flower. the blue sky, the smell of a bacon sandwich a favorite song.. whatever it truly focus on it, delve into let it become a part of who you are.. I especially find nature soothing and beautiful and I think this is bigger than my troubles and it helps me.. hope this helps… please feel free to keep in touch. You can always message me. ❤ Tony.

  2. Yes I am a member of the daily group…thank you! Thank you so much for your response to my note….how busy you must be. Good thoughts that have never occured to me. I will think upon and do as you suggest! Thank you seems trite for your response ☆♡☆

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